13 song lp
Produced by Mike Whitney & Steve Silverstein
Henry Polk bass guitar, voice
Steve Silverstein synth, mustang guitar, tin whistle, voice
Mark Henning guitars, rhodes piano, drums, clarinet & space echo
Eric St. Clair drums
Inderjeet Sidhu percussion, tabla rave-up
Mike Whitney bass guitar, organ pedals, piano, sterling beat, voice
Mark Greenberg drums
Pablo Koller voice, organ
Bill Swartz drums
Michael Dinges trumpet, bass guitar, accordian
Brian McMahon lead vocals, guitars, snare & snare

"... check this way-advanced shit out. "Crowded Haus", "Afraid to Change"' "Film Burns Away", the sweetly bizare, harmonically off kilter confection "Claire", the title track (if there's a better recent song about drift a dissolution, the please, somebody hit me over the head with it....), and the towering "Axis" (on par with anything in the Eel's oeuvre) are equally sublime. McMahon is a suave fuckin' tunesmith." Tom Smith, Creative Loafing, Atlanta GA