Brian McMahon & The Kitchen Ants
Produced and Arranged by that prick, NUMB STUGGLES
Ickie Struggles - vocals
Crystal Scuderi - vocals
Paul Kompler - bass, electric guitar
Billy Teil- keyboards
Numb Struggles - keyboards, drums
Brian McMahon - lead vocal, guitar and guitar synth

Sound so intricately disassembled YEAH defies both a single listen and a simple description. YEAH is a mini album but with interest from the right label, Brian and Numb are ready, with material in hand, to dive back into the studio and finish the burn.

YEAH, you just have to hear it.

"This short but sweet EP from the former Electric Eels guitarist is the follow up to his impressive 1998 solo debut LP An Inch Equals A Thousand Miles. Sounding like an extract from a far larger work in progress, its four new titles offer yet a further example of McMahon's mastery of hallusinatory rock. From the heavy-industry VU vibe that rattles through the title track, to the high octane guitar balladry of "Fire Brigade" and "Leave Before Tears", and the unsettligly creepy finale "The Bishop, White", chances are you will never have heard anything quite like this before."

Edwin Pouncey - The Wire, May 2000