17 Volts Cover
17 Volts 17 song cd
The first solo release by Brian McMahon a founding member of the Electric Eels. Tom Smith blew into Chicago and couldn't resist making full use of the studio he was crashing at. Brian agreed, said pick the songs and dumped about 200 choices in Tom's lap.

The result is music to my ears.

Mary Burzynski

One of theTop Ten Albums of the year CMJ Staff Picks 1996, Robin Edgerton

"Whatever you might expect, this is one of the most shockingly fresh "rock" records of the year....... not to be missed" Jimmy Johnson, Forced Exposure

"McMahon has....a gift for making recordings that sound like $10 demos of Brill Building tunes.....deceptively complex lyrics and a plugged-in guitar played with the wrist flick of decades of experience........It's time the world caught up with McMahon."
Douglas Wolk, CMJ

"...this remains McMahon's show. He's somehow become a singer-songwriter, and a rather writerly one at that, based in concrete detail and a sweet nuanced take on romance....a sophisticated literate batch of songs." Franklin Bruno, Puncture

"....the recordings manage to be charmingly primitive yet crystal clear at the same time, no small trick.....Other points of coolness: the subterranean rockabilly bass rumble of "Half of Nothin," like the Jordanaires cutting loose after a few rounds of Jim Beam; the return of the wailing harmonica on the monumentally sparse "She Made A Good Man Sound Bad"; the hypnotic arpeggiated guitar in "Pin Down Girl"; the finger-squeaking on "Deadline Poet" (not to mention the ending wave of cycling feedback that i wish i could figure out how to rip off). This is unspeakably cool..." the moon unit, Dead Angel #23